The Year-Ender for MP

To all Manny Pacquiao fans out there — including yours truly — here’s my take on MP’s second loss of the year. It’s a bit late but I reserved my say for the year’s end.


I am happy with the last MP and MM fight. It’s not because Marquez knocked out Pacquiao but rather because Pacquiao was very graceful in defeat.He was not the same as he was before when he gets defeated. Before, Pacquiao always finds excuses – his shoes, his mitts, the blood work he underwent – never accepting that he lost. Now, he accepted his lapses and conceded without a bat of an eyelash. He is now a sports gentleman.

Many people said, especially our fellowmen, said he should have retired when he snagged the belt of his 8th weight division fight and bagged the record of the only boxer who championed in 8 weight divisions.

But who retires while he is on his prime; on his glory days? Not Ali nor dela Hoya nor other greats names in boxing! Only people who’re not in their right minds would say such.

MP is the first and only boxer who cruised through 8 weight divisions and championed it. He was featured in many reads like TIME, Readers’ Digest, PEOPLE, among others. He is one of the most influential personality in the world of sports. And he is among the highest paid to boot!

In boxing, no one ever stayed on top. A fighter wins and gets defeated, it’s the natural order. People must not judge a fighter for a single or a few defeats. People must look at a fighter’s flight – his defeats but most importantly his successes – throughout his boxing career. And we could not deny that MP brought and marked pride in every Filipino.

Whether MP retires after this or not, is his choice. And if he retires he will RETIRE WITH UTMOST DIGNITY. There are only a handful of sportsman who made a mark not only with his countrymen but to the entire world. But I just wish and pray that this would be the last sequel of their never-ending rivalry.