A Never-ending Friendship

Friends are the DNA of society. They are the basic building blocks of life. If you have a couple of good ones, treasure them like gold. There’s nothing better… Your friends help you carry the big weight in life. That big burden we’ve all got called, “What the hell am I doing?”

– Jerry Seinfeld, SeinLanguage


I was not your typical friendly girl. Many say I look a tad bit snob; that I seem to be unapproachable at first meeting.

I say this is true. I am a type of person who doesn’t give a flying care to anyone I don’t know. I am not the first one to say “hi”, to give a smile, to say my name. I’m not fond of giving out pleasantries except maybe if badly needed. If this is the definition of a ‘snob’, then I am one.

This may have rooted from my upbringing. I grew up sheltered. I never had childhood friends since we were constantly moving when I was in grade school. I grew up alone – my parents were too busy making a living – and secluded with no real friends which I can share my girlish dreams. The only playmate I had was my little brother who was four years my junior, which I think don’t qualify as a friend since he’s my brother and he’s a boy. And maybe because of that I never developed the sense of acquaintance and friendship.

High school was a bit of an improvement because I was able to build core relationships with my barkadas but it never really blossomed into a long-term one given that when I graduated I got shipped to Cebu and lost communication with many of them – except for the only best friend I have.

But college was different. Many say in college you don’t find loads of friends because people are always on-the-go. That may be true to some but it isn’t true for me because in college I had found the friends that made me grow up as a person and made me realize that I could not live alone in my own little world.

The friends I’ve made during college are those that I happen to cherish very much. When I met them I was still a child but in a span of a few years I was able to develop entirely to a person that I ought to be; someone that I never thought I would turn out to be.

They may be brutally frank, sarcastically funny, and highly opinionated but they were also life wise, lovingly caring, and hardcore friends. They made me feel loved – unknowingly – and cared for. They made me laugh my heart out, learn new trivial matters, and understand things in a new perspective. They opened me as a person. To sum it up, they made me mature. And that is thanks to their amity.

Having friends – real friends – is the greatest gift one can ever have. It was the greatest gift I have.

Friends are there when your family can’t. They can be your mother, father, sister, brother. They can be more than that, too. They are the first ones you run to and borrow some when you run out of cash. They share to you whatever they have, whenever they can. They’ll make you laugh with their bottomless jokes. They could also make you think like you are losing your mind. They’re a shoulder to cry on when you are hurt. At times, they’ll scold you when they think you are going out of bounds. But still, they are almost on your side of things.

Your family might be the foundation but friends are the pillars that could make you build up your life in the right direction. They help in cultivating your life and assist you in making the best out of it.

That is what my friends are to me. They light up my path, make me look for the bright things in life, and teach me to face everything that comes my way – either positive or negative – and learn from it. They are the pillars that help me stand and build my life as a mature person.

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