The May 2013 NO LIST (Philippine Senator Hopefuls)



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1. ENRILE -> ‘Di yan pwede si Enrile! His father’s on the senate. Imagine both of them there. And their entire family have a muddy reputation against the entire Filipino people, even after the Martial Law.

2. ANGARA -> Before the campaign period started, he was already there with Sarah Geronimo. His father was/is a senator. He also guested and danced Gangnam Style in GGV, crappy. Even my beloved Coco Martin did not do him justice.

3. VILLAR -> Her husband’s a two-term senator, she was premature campaigning on TV since June 2012, the RoomNurse blunder, her crappy jingle, so on and so forth.

4. AQUINO -> “Si Tito Ninoy, Tita Cory, at Kuya Noy ang aking inspirasyon”… what about HIS OWN FAMILY?! Famewhore. And do we need more of them in our government?! Aren’t two presidents enough?

5. COJUANGCO -> OH COME ON! Same reason as #4. And, oh, Botox Lady. 😛 

6. LEGARDA -> Been on TV almost as long as Cynthia Villar. Even used PhilHealth ad to pave her way. Tsk!

7. BINAY -> No track record or other what-have-yous. Just because her VP father said so, you vote for her? Ever heard of Political Dynasty anyone? 

8. EJERCITO -> Don’t we have ENOUGH Ejercito-Estradas in the government?!

9. POE -> I have nothing against FPJ’s daughter, but ALWAYS dragging her father’s name and having an MMK episode two weeks before the campaign period started just did it for me.

10-11. CASIÑO & HONTIVEROS -> Leftist. Communist. They always pull that “makabayan” crap but never did anything to help the country improve. And Hontiveros sang dreadfully with that balding man.

12. CAYETANO -> I thought he was OK, then he pulled that MMK crap after Poe. Tsk!

13-14. PIMENTEL & ZUBIRI -> Bickering assholes slinging mud at each other on national television nonetheless. Plainly TRAPO, man! And Pimentel danced the Gangnam Style in GGV, un-cool.

Some more from you?