The May 2013 NO LIST (Philippine Senator Hopefuls)



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1. ENRILE -> ‘Di yan pwede si Enrile! His father’s on the senate. Imagine both of them there. And their entire family have a muddy reputation against the entire Filipino people, even after the Martial Law.

2. ANGARA -> Before the campaign period started, he was already there with Sarah Geronimo. His father was/is a senator. He also guested and danced Gangnam Style in GGV, crappy. Even my beloved Coco Martin did not do him justice.

3. VILLAR -> Her husband’s a two-term senator, she was premature campaigning on TV since June 2012, the RoomNurse blunder, her crappy jingle, so on and so forth.

4. AQUINO -> “Si Tito Ninoy, Tita Cory, at Kuya Noy ang aking inspirasyon”… what about HIS OWN FAMILY?! Famewhore. And do we need more of them in our government?! Aren’t two presidents enough?

5. COJUANGCO -> OH COME ON! Same reason as #4. And, oh, Botox Lady. 😛 

6. LEGARDA -> Been on TV almost as long as Cynthia Villar. Even used PhilHealth ad to pave her way. Tsk!

7. BINAY -> No track record or other what-have-yous. Just because her VP father said so, you vote for her? Ever heard of Political Dynasty anyone? 

8. EJERCITO -> Don’t we have ENOUGH Ejercito-Estradas in the government?!

9. POE -> I have nothing against FPJ’s daughter, but ALWAYS dragging her father’s name and having an MMK episode two weeks before the campaign period started just did it for me.

10-11. CASIÑO & HONTIVEROS -> Leftist. Communist. They always pull that “makabayan” crap but never did anything to help the country improve. And Hontiveros sang dreadfully with that balding man.

12. CAYETANO -> I thought he was OK, then he pulled that MMK crap after Poe. Tsk!

13-14. PIMENTEL & ZUBIRI -> Bickering assholes slinging mud at each other on national television nonetheless. Plainly TRAPO, man! And Pimentel danced the Gangnam Style in GGV, un-cool.

Some more from you?


When youth thinks of snuffing it out


I don’t know what’s up with kids these days but the thought of suicide seems to come to them easily.

When I was in my teens, I knew about suicide and its implications.

People tend to commit suicide when everything seems to be out of order in their lives. It’s either they experienced a life-altering breakup or heartbreak, they are chest-deep in debts and loans and no possible way of paying up, they are swamped in garbage and it seemed that life is becoming so unfair to them dumping all the problems at their doorstep. Majority of those committing suicide have drowning situations and it seems that the only way out is to take one’s life.

I see it as a lame way out but those are bad-ass problems to have in your life.

However, in the past few days that I have watched news again, I was greeted by suicide and suicide attempts news. Their reasons? One has no tuition fee for school and the other failed to bag the top honors.

IMHO, lame excuses! Even lamer than those mentioned above.

The tuition fee dilemma.

Kristel, a college freshman poisoned herself because her school (University of the Philippines-Manila) made her file for a leave of absence since she can’t pay the semester’s tuition fee.

To have resolved this problem, her parents could have loaned money. I know my mother did just that to pay off my school arrears. She approached our relatives, lending companies and firms, and even the Indians who lent money with high interest rates. Our payments for those loans and debts lasted over a year after I graduated. We were constantly out of our wits all the time but we struggled and we survived.

Or, she could have stopped school for a while if the family could not pull it off. Take a gap year. Work and learn from the best teachers, life and experience. Save up. I know I did. I graduated 7 years after high school, 3 years late. I have forgone going to college for 3 semesters. I worked as a cashier. When I went back to school, I signed up for in-house scholarship through the student publication and did some writing gigs to survive college.

And with our combined efforts, I donned the black cap with flying colors! There were a lot of hardships and setbacks. I almost gave up. But I never did. 

Now, I have a professional license, passed the exam for eligibility to work for the government, and worked for a reputable company. After the hurdles, success was a sweet reward.

I know, for this case, the University of the Philippines could have done better. But still, take your own life? Isn’t that too much?

The top-honors drama

A little over a week after the Kristel’s suicide news, a high school sophomore has attempted to end her life because she did not make it to the top of her class this year.

Right. Commit suicide just because you did not bag the top spot. Oh, I should have killed myself some ten years ago because I did not get the class valedictorian spot of our class.

Honors don’t make you as a student. It’s a reward given to the efforts you have shelled out throughout the year. If you did not get it then try harder. Compete with yourself and not with others.

New millennium kids and their low self-esteem

Whatever is happening to kids nowadays is disturbing. They seem to have low emotional quotient, low self-esteem, to have thought of suicide as a way out.

 Taking away your life is not an answer to all your problems. What does this imply?

  1. You are a coward. Instead of facing your problems head on and try to resolve it, you just quit.
  2. Your problems will still exist even after your death. You resolved nothing!
  3. You add pain and suffering to your surviving family. Financially, if you survived, your hospital bills will set them back a couple of grand; if you die, your wake and burial will set them back a couple more. Emotionally, they will be disheartened thinking what they have done wrong to make you feel that no one was there with you to help you solve your problems.
  4. The generation after you would take from you. They’d think that the only way out is OUT!

Kids, in general, should be taught that snuffing it out is never a solution. That it would just cause more hurts and pains. They should be brought up with a positive outlook in life. That even though the struggles in life abound they should face it head on solve it and learn from it. They should also feel that their family, or support group, is there to help them.

If only our kids are taught this way, then maybe suicide would be the last thing in their minds.

So much for Fire Prevention Month


We had an almost tragedy here. Smoke that smelled like burnt rubber billowed in all directions from our neighbor’s house.

Their house was directly next to ours. We have at least twenty houses linked to each other. All our houses were made of light materials that would easily be eaten by fire.

Everybody’s adrenalin was shot at the highest level. But what was worse? Their 2 children — one 12 and the other 1 year old — was left inside their house.

Good thing a neighbor was courageous enough to brave the smoke-filled house and check where the smoke came from. It was from their LPG stove. The mother, according to her husband, was sterilizing her baby’s bottles and left it unattended. The water evaporated entirely and the bottles were melted fully leaving burnt plastic.

Well, that’s a big-ass bummer! A lot of mothers had panic attacks gathering their kids. A lot of men were running back and forth gathering valuables. It was a relief to have the almost-fire shot down before it rose up to a tragedy.

People need to be vigilant about these things. It was one thing to have lost stuff due to fortuitous events, but a man-made disaster made by irresponsible people is so unacceptable. Endangering the community just because you were acting irresponsible is an offense your neighbors won’t take lightly. Tsk!

So much for Fire Prevention Month.

Soap Opera: Carlos Celdran and the Damaso Stunt


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I am for RH Law. I am an advocate of freedom of speech. 

But what Carlos Celdran did was way out of line. Disturbing an on-going religious service flashing “Damaso” to the mass celebrant is not only offending religious feelings but stepping into others’ right to religious freedom as well. Yes, he is expressing his freedom of speech but he violated others’ rights blatantly. There is a right place and a right time to air his thoughts. It need not be inside a place of worship where people are practicing their beliefs during a mass celebration at that. 

His incarceration is his fault alone. Not any other person’s but his alone.

This was sensationalized because the Catholic Church was involved. But let us see him do that inside a mosque, an INC church, or any other place of worship. The same will happen to him.

Yes we have a lot of rights and we must practice it. But we must also bear in mind that with this freedom we also have responsibilities and accountabilities. Our freedom ends where freedom of others begin. That is democracy.

I go for RH. I go for freedom of speech. But you can’t take away the Church in me. (AMP)

In her quest for freedom

I was never fond of international politics. I don’t dote on politics per se. For a simple Filipina like me, international politics doesn’t matter much since it doesn’t affect me as a person.

But there was one international politics matter that caught my attention: award-winning human rights activist Aung San Suu Kyi’s fight for liberation – for her country and for herself.


Suu Kyi is the icon of democracy for the military-ruled Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. She responded to the call for a democratic country, free from the reign of the totalitarian regime, and stood with the people that called and demonstrated for democracy.

She was supposed to be the Prime Minister of Myanmar after their party’s triumph in the 1990 general elections. However, she was subsequently detained and put under house arrest by the military junta, preventing her from assuming office. For over 20 years of her fight for democracy, majority of it were spent under detention. She was even banned many times from Myanmar polls and joining her party since she was serving a prison term.

Contemplating on her unending struggle for freedom made me reflect on how the Filipinos of decade ’70 fought for our own democracy when the siege of Martial Law is upon the Philippines’ bosom and how we’ve been lucky that they were able to surpass that hurdle through the EDSA People Power.

I realized how fortunate we are for having a free country where our voices could be heard even how minuscule it were; where we have the right to choose, to be what we want to be, to do what we want to do provided that we abide by the laws and the Constitution of our country.

But lucky as we are, we tend to take this freedom, this democracy, for granted. Sometimes we think we have so little of this democracy. We search for more; more than what we have, more than what we really need. Not knowing that we are in way better situation because we have what Suu Kyi and the people of Myanmar covet; freedom from oppression.

And what better way can we express this freedom than by executing our liberty to choose our leaders. Come May 2013, our right to suffrage would then again be put into practice as the Filipino people choose new sets of leaders.


Before the advent of the endless campaigning and before we run to the voting precincts I just want to remind all of us to take in mind how our democracy was reinstituted upon our country and what this election and our choices of leaders would mean to the betterment of our striving nation and the continued observation of our liberty.

However cliché it may sound but we really are the hope of our nation. We hold the Philippines’ future in our hands. Our moves and our choices could make or break our motherland and the democracy, the freedom, we are enjoying.

Vote someone who you think could lead us up and not rout us down. Mark the name in the ballot who you could envision helping retain and respect our liberty. Vote as what your senses, your mind, and your heart deem right and not what others think. May we choose sensibly and choose for the better.

The Year-Ender for MP

To all Manny Pacquiao fans out there — including yours truly — here’s my take on MP’s second loss of the year. It’s a bit late but I reserved my say for the year’s end.


I am happy with the last MP and MM fight. It’s not because Marquez knocked out Pacquiao but rather because Pacquiao was very graceful in defeat.He was not the same as he was before when he gets defeated. Before, Pacquiao always finds excuses – his shoes, his mitts, the blood work he underwent – never accepting that he lost. Now, he accepted his lapses and conceded without a bat of an eyelash. He is now a sports gentleman.

Many people said, especially our fellowmen, said he should have retired when he snagged the belt of his 8th weight division fight and bagged the record of the only boxer who championed in 8 weight divisions.

But who retires while he is on his prime; on his glory days? Not Ali nor dela Hoya nor other greats names in boxing! Only people who’re not in their right minds would say such.

MP is the first and only boxer who cruised through 8 weight divisions and championed it. He was featured in many reads like TIME, Readers’ Digest, PEOPLE, among others. He is one of the most influential personality in the world of sports. And he is among the highest paid to boot!

In boxing, no one ever stayed on top. A fighter wins and gets defeated, it’s the natural order. People must not judge a fighter for a single or a few defeats. People must look at a fighter’s flight – his defeats but most importantly his successes – throughout his boxing career. And we could not deny that MP brought and marked pride in every Filipino.

Whether MP retires after this or not, is his choice. And if he retires he will RETIRE WITH UTMOST DIGNITY. There are only a handful of sportsman who made a mark not only with his countrymen but to the entire world. But I just wish and pray that this would be the last sequel of their never-ending rivalry.