So much for Fire Prevention Month


We had an almost tragedy here. Smoke that smelled like burnt rubber billowed in all directions from our neighbor’s house.

Their house was directly next to ours. We have at least twenty houses linked to each other. All our houses were made of light materials that would easily be eaten by fire.

Everybody’s adrenalin was shot at the highest level. But what was worse? Their 2 children — one 12 and the other 1 year old — was left inside their house.

Good thing a neighbor was courageous enough to brave the smoke-filled house and check where the smoke came from. It was from their LPG stove. The mother, according to her husband, was sterilizing her baby’s bottles and left it unattended. The water evaporated entirely and the bottles were melted fully leaving burnt plastic.

Well, that’s a big-ass bummer! A lot of mothers had panic attacks gathering their kids. A lot of men were running back and forth gathering valuables. It was a relief to have the almost-fire shot down before it rose up to a tragedy.

People need to be vigilant about these things. It was one thing to have lost stuff due to fortuitous events, but a man-made disaster made by irresponsible people is so unacceptable. Endangering the community just because you were acting irresponsible is an offense your neighbors won’t take lightly. Tsk!

So much for Fire Prevention Month.